I Thank God For…

In the midst of suffering I am learning that it is so important to find things to be thankful for everyday to keep yourself from falling into discouragement so here’s my list for today:

1) My parents who have been very patient and helpful during this time of me being sick, especially with driving me to appointments and making me meals

2) Free healthcare!  I definitely could not have afforded my hospital stay or medications without the system we have here in Canada

3) Specialists who are carefully monitoring me and take time to call when they see something awry on bloodwork and make special efforts to fill out all the paperwork for me to get the tests and medications I need in a timely manner even though they have hundreds of other patients

4) Family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, and a church body who pray for me and send me encouraging messages

5) Government programs like EI so I can get paid at least a little bit while I am off work sick

What is your list of things you are thankful for?

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